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Createherstock A Summer Day Neosha Gardner 23
I can’t force what isn’t there. I want to invite you to stick with me on this journey. There are shifts taking place in my mindset, perspective, in my faith, and in my schedule.

Isn’t life a constant state of change?

If change were easy, we would call it something else. We would call it something more specific to a pleasurable experience, however sometimes change is uncomfortable.

Sometimes the labor pains, that bring forth a beautiful birth, create a new level of anguish. New mothers can tell you the feelings leading up to birth can be a mental and physical stretch, simultaneously. However, when the birthing process has produced its purposed fruit, your attention shifts from the pain to the purpose of the pain. Are you in a birthing place? Are you in the place where something from unchartered waters is coming forth? When you have no prototype, you…

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