Masterful You reflects the type of leader that operates from a core value that leadership is action, not position and who has a passion for helping others.  Every day men and women around the world show us what leadership looks like and rarely do they get the accolades they are due.  Today, we shine the spotlight on Leonard Dixon who is a Rig Manager at Gulf Drilling International in Doha, Qatar and a friendly face to all the African-Americans who make Doha their home away from home.

Leonard DixonWhen asked, this is what Leonard had to say about leadership:

1. What defines leadership for you?  Being in a position to make decisions that will have an effect on people lives.

2. How would you describe your leadership style? I’m a listening and learning leader. I realize that just because I’ve been blessed to be in a leadership position,  doesn’t make me know it all.  I learn something new every day that makes me a better leader.

3. What makes you unique as a leader? The passion that I have for what I do and the passion I have for the people who depend on me to do the right thing.

4. Who was your role model as a leader? My role model was my Grandfather, he always told me don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything.

5. Can you share a quote or scripture that inspires you? “Can’t Never Can” by The Late Clifton Willie Dixon

Leonards quote


6. What has been your biggest leadership challenge to date? Overcoming the stigma that some people have of Black Americans.  Especially outside the U.S. because too often the only image they have of us is from TV and movies.  As more of us take advantage of expatriate opportunities and to travel, the world gets to know that we have so much more to offer than they expect.

7. What achievement are you most proud of to date? Being a Father; it’s my most important leadership role and everything else is the result of trying to be a good Father.

8. What advice would you give aspiring leaders in the 21st Century? Know your craft, know the people you are leading, make the people you’re leading believe in your leadership ability and make yourself available to be challenged by the people you’re leading.

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Leadership Spotlight on Leonard Dixon

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