How to turn your life into an adventure

The funny thing about change is that the more you experience, the easier it becomes. However, its very natural to fear the unknown. That’s why it’s helpful to approach life as an adventure. When I was offered this assignment, the whole idea of being an expat was a big unknown – where is Qatar? How will my life be different? Will I like the food? How will my family feel about moving again? What is the housing situation? Will the work be interesting? I had lots of questions and although I could get some quick answers from materials available to me (the internet is awesome!) – there were still many that I wouldn’t be able to answer until I moved. That’s why we approached the move as an adventure.


To help with managing personal change, here are a few tips to turn your life into an adventure:

1. Wake up every morning “on expedition” – consider yourself an adventurer before you open your eyes.

2. Expect the unexpected.

3. Keep a learning journal. Write down things you learn each day.

4. Walk faster. It will give you momentum.

5. Do something else – not what “they” are doing. Be different.

6. Get lost somewhere. (My kids love this. I sometimes just turn down a different road and say “I wonder what’s this way?”)

7. Try new things to discover who you really are and what you like.

8. Learn key words in different languages.

9. Laugh out loud at yourself.

10. Consider that whatever happens is supposed to happen.

What’s your next great adventure?

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